Who’s the parasite here?

by sawamix

Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett, who is currently receiving a government paycheck as the state’s Attorney General and seeks to continue to be the recipient of a taxpayer salary as governor:

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett said last week that some workers who are between jobs will stay that way as long as they are receiving unemployment benefits.

Corbett made the comment on Pennsylvania Public Radio while campaigning for governor in Elizabethtown. His Democratic opponent in the election, Dan Onorato, said he doesn’t know “what world (Corbett) is living on.”

“People don’t want to come back to work while they still have unemployment. They’re literally telling – I’ll come back to work when the unemployment runs out. That’s becoming a problem,” Corbett said.

“The jobs are there, but if we keep extending unemployment the people are going to sit there and… I’ve literally had construction companies tell me, I can’t get people to come back to work, until… they say, ‘I’ll come back to work when unemployment runs out.'”


I think Mr. Corbett has just demonstrated the Peter Principle by reaching his level of incompetence.