Don’t Worry, America…

by sawamix

…Blackwater is here to protect us all, no matter what the cost.

Triple Canopy and DynCorp International must be getting sick and tired of being the Washington Generals to Erik Prince’s globe-trotting thugs in the “bidding” that we’ve seen going on. Because on the heels of a highly criticized State Department contract that gave $120,000,000 to Blackwater Worldwide for work in Afghanistan comes the news that the CIA just gave these lawless thugs another $100,000,000 to, get this, protect them and their facilities in, once again, Afghanistan.

So let’s take a look at some of the best reasons the CIA had for hiring Blackwater for this latest unofficial no bid contract:

  • On December 30, two brave Blackwater operatives managed to keep the CIA body count down to eight when they let a suicide bomber in their midst at Khost. CIA director Leon Panetta pre-emptively did a Ken Salazar and played the tough sheriff by ordering a review of his agency’s contracts with Blackwater. During this time, Panetta privately briefed Congressional leaders to admit the Bush administration misled Congress about Blackwater contracts.

    However, in the last 6 months, I guess they passed review.

  • The very next day, five Blackwater murderers were suddenly absolved of all sin and culpability by Judge Ricardo Urbina for their role in the September 16th 2007 massacre at Nisour Sq. that left 17 innocent Iraqi civilians dead. Thank God they’ll be on their best behavior when it comes to innocent Afghani civilians, right? Uh, right?

    Again, they passed muster.

  • Early last month, Blackwater founder Erik Prince, soon to become Dubai’s newest war criminal at large, was caught boasting on a tape that his company called in NATO airstrikes in Afghanistan (as well as insulting the people of Afghanistan). It was also revealed since the Obama administration took office that a Cheney-directed CIA/Blackwater assassination ring was put in place though not actually activated.

    Still, CIA spokesman/Blackwater shill Paul Gimigliano told theWa Po that “We have a very careful process when it comes to procurement, and we take it seriously. We’ve also made it clear that personnel from Xe do not serve with the CIA in any operational roles.”

    Such as in Khost and during NATO airstikes and assassination missions and in Najaf, for instance.

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  • Oh, did I mention that Blackwater is already chowing down another $200,000,000 contract to train Afghan security forces?
  • And speaking of training Afghan security forces, did you know that Erik Prince’s shell company Paravant actually hung on to a lot of the weapons intended for the Afghanis they were training then lied about to the Senate in a scheme eerily similar to gun-running?
  • And this is just a partial list of some of the very best reasons why the Central Intelligence Agency of the Age of Obama feels the need to stuff hundreds of millions of more taxpayer dollars down Erik Prince’s throat to have Blackwater protect them. Because, Lord knows, we can’t expect our intelligence community and our own military and fighting force to, you know, actually defend themselves.

    So you see, Dorothy, nothing to get excited about, nothing to see here. Blackwater will protect us all… for the right price. Now sleep, sleep, poppies, poppiiiieeeeesssss….