The Rodney Dangerfield Party

by sawamix

There’s no making us happy and there’s no way the Democratic Party will ever get any respect.

A Gallup poll that came out yesterday morning says that the majority of us actually blame the Democrats for the violence that’s been breaking out all over the country in the week since the health care reform bill was signed into law.

On the face of it, opposition to it doesn’t seem too surprising, since many progressives are pissed off that the HCR bill, with or without fix its, doesn’t do enough to curb health care costs and doesn’t have a public option that would help temper the individual mandate.

But, according to the same poll, an alarming two thirds of us also feel that government is playing too big a role in health care and the president’s disapproval rating has dipped to 50% for the first time.

It’s hard to see how the one party that singlehandedly reformed health care and college tuition, reaching a nuclear pact with Russia and other things in one single week, with no help whatsoever from the Republican Party, could be blamed by the American people for the violence we’ve been seeing from coast to coast.

Teabagger: “This is your Islamic, Communist, Socialist, fascist President, people. Any questions?”
Democrat: .oO Oh, dear, how will I ever be able to refute that? Oo.

Wasn’t there a question on the poll asking the American people who they thought was actually carrying out the violence and which party they thought was failing to condemn, even encouraging it? How could a people in the most educated nation on earth continue to be so stupid and misinformed?