Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

by sawamix

What JFK got on his birthday.

What Barack Obama gets on his birthday.

Seriously, is it any wonder why even Ann Coulter, in her proprietary rage and determination to be the only bleach blonde, right wing lawyer bimbo on the block, has called out Orly Taitz for the spittle-flecked NASCAR crack-up that she is?

In case you need any further proof why this woman needs Haldol suppositories shoved up her tookus for the rest of her life, consider the new Obama “birth certificate” to allegedly surface from Kenya and that Taitz has put on her website (I won’t link to it, a website so virulent and toxic that Mozilla Firefox has actually designated it as “an attack site.”). The problem isn’t that it’s a hoax created by right wingers. It’s so overtly a fraud that it’s actually satire, possibly written by a liberal.

Here’s the “document”, which is only slightly more believable than Jose Padilla’s application to al Qaeda:

Obviously, there are a number of problems with this document and Kos and others had immediately jumped on about 8 or ten of them, not the least of which is the registrar, EF Lavender, being a brand of laundry detergent. However, those fine, intrepid newshounds over at WorldNutDaily are still clinging to the hope that Taitz’s smoking gun will quickly turn into a mushroom cloud saying, “Ah ha!” over the vast non-birther majority.

I suppose we ought to be grateful that the President was born today, August 4th, and not February 29th, otherwise they’d be saying his official birthdays would not make him the minimum 35 years of age to be eligible for the presidency.

A word to the wise for MSNBC and other networks who keep giving this over made-up harpy air time: You don’t have the right to complain when they shout you down, make wild, erroneous allegations, insult your profession and make themselves into foaming, fulminating penises on the air when you invite them to pollute the airwaves time and time and time again.

Yeah, you investigated this and gave the birthers more airtime than they deserved but the problem is you’re still doing it because for the moment it sells. But the moment’s going to come when people are going to stop buying or may perhaps tune in just for the occasional carnival moment involving some other bleach blonde bimbo, maybe next time Ann Coulter the day she won’t find her lithium on her way out the door.

But the MSM can’t complain about less than stellar results when your star guest is a termagant who posts on her website and submitting in a lawsuit satire that she’s passing off as fact.