The Revenge of the Fly…

by sawamix

I don’t make the news, I merely report it….

PETA apparently is upset that Obama killed that fly. They wish he hadn’t. They think he’s a bad example of how we should act towards other living beings. So they’ve sent him a humane fly trap, which allows the trapper to release the live fly outside, where it can fly off and find some shit to lay a kajillion eggs in and then go off and annoyingly spread shit germs!

Worse, there is a certain amount of capitalizing on the back on that dead fly on PETA’s part. They sell the Katcha Bug humane fly trap and think that they can sell more by making a certain amount of stink about this poor dead fly. PETA claims that its the news outlets that are making them out to be some sort of fly lovers…uh-huh…

PETA has gone over the edge this time. Whats next, mosquitoes? How about the rights of germs? Isn’t it also unfair to kill pneumonia germs in the prime of their lives?

Attention PETA: You are doing more harm to any animals that you might have helped by going to bat for flies!
I just ordered a mess of beneficial nematodes that eat fly eggs…and I’m also not beyond spraying yard guard around the edges of things if I’m gonna be outside. I’m a DEET gal, and besides the usual swatters, we also have a GUN swatter that Will uses to murder flies every day!
President Obama is my hero! Look at those reflexes! Down with Flies!! Long live Obama!

OK, I’m done….

RIP Coco