Nope. No climate change here. Nosirree Bob. This is perfectly normal.

by sawamix

Last night I pulled into my street and found pea-soup fog, punctuated by homeowners shoveling their driveways. Yes, really. Shoveling. In June. In New Jersey. One house had a 3’high pile of HAILSTONES built up just from clearing the driveway. Video of more ice cleanup in June here and a photo gallery here.

Meanwhile, up at Casa la Brilliant, we didn’t have 3′ of hail to clean up, though we did have a good 4″ built up around my poor impatiens, which are now, I’m quite certain, ruined (and they were so pretty this year, too):

The clematis vine isn’t very happy either:

The whole mess:

We’ve had hailstorms before, though never one like this. But for it to be only June, and we’ve had TWO already, is very strange, as were the thunderstorms we were having in January.

And Congressional Republicans still don’t believe that something very strange is going on — and refuse to do anything that might piss off their energy industry patrons.

Meanwhile, it is 12 hours after the storm — and there is STILL hail on the ground.