Rove Interviewed by Prosecutor Investigating Criminal Wrongdoing in US Prosecutor Firings

by sawamix

Our good friend Brad of BradBlog let us know yesterday that Karl Rove has been called to be interviewed today as part of the criminal investigation into the firings of U.S. Prosecutors. According to the Washington Post, Connecticut prosecutor, Norah R. Dannehy, was appointed in February to look into the role of administration officials in the firings of nine U.S. prosecutors and the questionable political motives and timing of those firings.

SigurdsonLaw describes it thusly:

U.S. attorneys are political appointees who serve at the
pleasure of the president, but cannot be fired for improper
reasons. Bush administration officials at first claimed the
attorneys were let go because of poor performance.

The internal Justice investigation recommended a criminal
inquiry, saying the lack of cooperation by Rove and other senior
administration officials left gaps in their findings that should be
investigated further

Prosecutor Dannehy has been quietly working through the scant information out there, subpoenaing testimony and documents not forthcoming, and interviewing the players, working her way up the ladder. Of interest are Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolton, former Bush aides; and of course, Karl Rove, the turd blossom himself.

The Justice Department’s report that was released last February, which is thought to lack pertinent information due to the department’s inability to compel testimony from members of the Bush Administration, improper criminal conduct. This investigation is to determine if charges will be brought against former Bush aides…hmmmm…

The meeting this morning happened in Rove’s lawyer, Robert Luskin’s, office, and I’m guessing that little real information was exchanged. It would be nice for the fired prosecutors if this investigation could at least clear up the cloud caused by the claim that they were fired because of poor performance….at least we could get some clarity in this issue despite the difficulty posed by the Bushie wall of silence, broken only by propaganda pushes now and again. Someone has to hold these people accountable.

c/p RIP Coco