Why You need Dish Network

by sawamix

Here at Casa la Brilliant, we’ve been Dish Network customers for about eight years. Yes, it goes out during severe storms, and because we have a bunch of bigass old oak trees standing in the way of the hi-def dish, our HD reception is iffy on some stations and nonexistent on others during much of the year when the trees are leafed out. And the Weather Channel doesn’t know where you are so you don’t get local weather. But there’s a reason that Charlie Ergen is sort of the Steve Jobs of satellite TV and inspires similar devotion.

I like the company so much I bought Echostar stock for my IRA.

With Dish Network, we get Veria, a new-agey channel that’s only on Dish. We get Planet Green. We get Worldlink and FSTV. Clearly, Mr. Ergen is no Rupert Murdoch. You never know what you’re going to find at the bottom of the channel guide. Last night we watched a show on Shaolin Kung Fu from CCTV. And presumably until November 4, we have another new channel:

Yes, that’s the Obama channel. And yes, wingnuts, it’s paid for entirely by the campaign.

It may be the most unusual advertising method in political history. But here it is. Dawn Teo at HuffPo has more on this movel outreach program.

Want it? E-mail me. I have 2 Club Dish cards that get you free activation, an $80 credit on your first bill, three months of HBO and Starz free, a free HD DVR equipment upgrade, and programming packages taht start at $24.99/month. First two claimants get ’em.