Putting Lipstick on a Pachyderm

by sawamix

By now, it ought to be obvious to all that Sarah Palin is nothing more or less than a political gold digger from the Klondike. It’s like Anna Nicole Smith and her late 80-something year-old oil tycoon husband again, only of a much more massive magnitude. It ought to be obvious to all but isn’t.

Instead, we’re getting interviews conducted by ABC’s Charles Gibson that seem to be following the lead not of formerly feral interviews of Mike Wallace but fluff pieces on Entertainment Tonight. Last night’s edition of ET (followed up by Part Two tonight), whose very title should prohibit them from essaying political pieces, purported to show in 120 seconds “the real Sarah Palin.”

Funny, but somehow they were unable to fit into their analog of the two minute hate her religious zealotry, attempts at book banning (including one written by a gay pastor), the petty firings, the cozy ties to lobbyists, a previous affection for pork barrel projects, her championing of disgraced lawmakers Ted Stevens and Don Young…

I guess there’s only so much you can fit into 120 seconds so better to show nothing at all aside from the inside of her office. OK, you may say, it’s only ET and ET phones home with nothing but celebrity glitz and other blathering. And you’d be right.

But the MSM, for the most part, is taking this laissez-faire, kid gloves approach to Palin while laughably trying to give the impression of bringing her half of the GOP ticket in-depth coverage.

Because to be critical of Palin is to be misogynistic, just as being critical to John “Incoming!” McCain is as subversively, seditiously unAmerican as an al Qaeda terrorist.

Yet, attacking a man for the color of his skin, his Muslim father, his Muslim middle name, his wearing African garb on a trip to Kenya, for being a community organizer aiding his fellow African Americans in Chicago’s slums…

…well, all’s fair in love, war and presidential campaigns. We’d be remiss in our responsibilities if we didn’t faithfully pass on the conservatives’ legitimate concerns about the Democrat.

If they can attack Michelle Obama, we can go after Palin’s open-collared, gigolo-looking better half. We can go after her non-abstaining pregnant high school junior of a daughter. If they can attack Obama for what his former pastor said, then Palin’s own Pentecostal church leader’s comments, and her own, are fair game.

But Sarah Palin shouldn’t be a sacred moose just because she has an X chromosome. Just because she wears a dress doesn’t mean she’s any less capable of the same evil that has characterized the present criminal enterprise in the White House, because the Devil has been seen wearing both red and blue dresses.

And it seems the more of Palin’s ethical blackouts that come to light, the more arch and belligerent the McCain campaign gets, as if they’re trying to hide with bluster their buyer’s remorse for McCain settling on Palin like an elderly suitor who knows his time is running short without vetting her or meeting her more than once.

As far back as June of last year, when the Straight Talk Express was temporarily pushed to the wayside, wingnuts were setting up websites trying to draft Palin for Vice President (in conjunction, according the comments section, with anyone but McCain).

It’s just putting lipstick not on a pig but a pachyderm. And the idiots who are sick and tired of retributory firings, pork barrel spending, politicians getting into bed with lobbyists while ignoring the concerns of voters and holy crusades in the Middle East look at Palin and think that she’ll take them in a bold new direction. Which is proof positive that Republican voters have got to be the stupidest carbon-based life forms on the planet earth.