Speaking of Hitmen…

by sawamix

Sometimes right wingers can’t wait for God to get around to doing their dirty work for them so they do things according to their busy schedule.

According to the NY Times:

Bill Gwatney, the chairman of the Arkansas Democratic party, was shot and critically wounded in his office in Little Rock Wednesday morning, police officials said.

The officials said a single gunman fired three shots at Mr. Gwatney, a former state legislator, in his office a few blocks from the state Capitol and then drove away.

A friend of the Gwatney family, who asked not to be identified, said Mr. Gwatney was near death at the medical center of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, and that doctors considered his wound inoperable.

The article doesn’t go on to say whether Mr. Gwatney, who is also a super delegate, pledged support for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton but the Arkansas superdelegate list shows that he’d endorsed Hillary Clinton earlier this year.

That would at least seem to indicate that this wasn’t Obama-related.

Why did this as unnamed assailant shoot Mr. Gwatney three times, perhaps fatally? We’ll likely never know the exact reasons but I’m going to break from tradition and assume that this was a right winger before the facts start coming in. Because whenever something like this happens and I hang back out of fairness, it’s always shown that a conservative was behind it. As with the Unitarian church shooting in Tennessee earlier this summer.

But since Hillary’s now out of the race, with nothing but fast-fading hopes of getting into an Obama administration, this shooting doesn’t make any sense. But if this guy that the Arkansas police killed was a right winger as I suspect, don’t expect much sense to emerge outside of a four page manifesto written in blood, feces and crayon.

Update: The same article from the NY Times informs us that Mr. Gwatney just passed away. Deepest condolences go out to his family. Is the partisan divide really this deep?