American Idiot Watch for Sunday June 1, 2008

by sawamix has a page dealing with the “Obama is a secret Muslim” e-mails and other rumors, along with a poll. Here are the poll results:

That is an astounding percentage of ignorant people being swayed by e-mails appealing to the reptilian brain.

And speaking of reptilian brain, Hillarion Larry Johnson, whom I used to respect when he was defending Valerie Plame but has become, like this woman:

… a bigger ally to the GOP than any Republican, promises some kind of Obama bombshell tomorrow involving a speech by Michelle Obama. I refuse to link to No Quarter, but now you know where to go.

Say hello to President McCain, America. And may God have mercy on our souls.

And as for Harriet Christian…when your granddaughter asks you why you didn’t prevent a Supreme Court full of Samuel Alitos and John Robertses, I hope you have a good answer. You’re going to need one.