Best New Flavor

by sawamix

Every now and then a product comes along that’s so perfect, so fabulously conceived, so wonderfully zany that it seems like destiny. Usually such products are only purveyed at Trader Joe’s (like reduced guilt french onion pita chips) or Vermont Country Store (Tired Old Ass Soak), or concocted in whatever bong-den Ben and Jerry use to come up with their flavors like Phish Food, or the regretfully nonexistent Yes, Pecan, or the best one ever — a Slovenian brand of bottled iced tea called — no I am not kidding, I used to have a bottle of this stuff brought to me by a Slovenian friend — Tea-tanic, and yes, it did have a picture of the sinking White Star liner on the label. But this one happens to already be carried at my own local A&P, and even though I have largely sworn off soda, this could tempt me to succumb every now and then:

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(h/t: Slashfood)