The Prodigal President

by sawamix

What does it say about Iraqi security and American influence in the Mideast when Iranian President Mamoud Ahmadinejad can go to Iraq and openly parade around surrounded by Shi’ite and even Kurdish love, not to mention the forbearance of Sunnis, while George W. Bush, his Cabinet and our lawmakers cannot even dream of doing so?

I’m no foreign policy wonk or an expert on the Middle East but to my layman mind it tells me two things: That the ruling Shia majority, at least, wants us the fuck out.

Secondly, it tells me that Dear Decider is half right: Iraqi security is firm… as long as you’re a Shi’ite statesman.

Ahmadinejad’s highly publicized and calculated visit to Baghdad was obviously a giant thumb stuck right in George W. Bush’s eye. And it’s buried quite effectively, two knuckles deep.

His one single, simple political act in going to the nation that we’d invaded 5 years ago on the 19th was a brilliantly timed and orchestrated move designed to show off not only his friendly relations with Iraqi Shi’ites starting with our puppet al Maliki, a giant thorn in the administration’s side, but to make a mockery of capricious Iraqi security that seems to work miracles when our sworn enemy’s in town but is otherwise so shaky and inept through corruption and sectarian divisiveness that Bush and his gang of neocons have to slink in and out of Baghdad in the dead of night like burglars and backdoor lovers while bombs go off like the climax of the fucking 1812 Overture.

It’s also a black eye in the beet-red face of an administration that’s been claiming for years that Ahmadinejad’s Iran has been funding terrorists and insurgents in Iraq and the Iranian president’s ongoing good health would seem to support those assertions.