Attntion NV and SC voters: Are you going to let the media decide your candidates?

by sawamix

If you’re supporting John Edwards, or even if you’re leaning towards supporting him or are unsure; if you’re troubled by Barack Obama’s continued insistence on using right-wing framing to sell his candidacy (the latest being to praise Ronald Reagan for bamboozling working people in 49 states to vote for an anti-union, anti-middle-class elitist in 1980); or even if you don’t like the fact that Timmeh and Brian and Katie and Charlie and Morning Joe and Tweety are trying to turn the Democratic contest into a steel-cage match betweeen the woman and the black guy (where are the “two Jews and a cripple” (sic), consider donating to John Edwards today.

If your friends and family who don’t eat, sleep, and breathe politics the way you do don’t know that Edwards is in the race, or if they think that he’s a fringe candidate like Mike Gravel, perhaps this is why:

On the Republican side,

I’ve made no secret that I’m supporting John Edwards in the primary race. Some of the Obamaniacs who spam the diaries at Le Grand Orange trying to squelch all criticism of their candidate, have called for Edwards to leave the race in the name of party unity. I say fuck that. The primaries are the only place (and this year, even New Jersey has a voice) where you can vote for the candidate you want. I haven’t wanted to turn B@B into an Edwards campaign blog, because his campaign already has an excellent one. But Edwards’ campaign wants to send a message by raising $7 million in one day — today.

So if you’ve been thinking you really should donate, today is the day, and now is the time. Click the image above or here.