Of course you realize, this means war

by sawamix

But note his citation of a post allegedly found at Daily Kos “calling for the violent overthrow of the government.” (Note also that he claims kinship with ABC News and CNN, which of course we already knew. But I digress.)

Well, that seems like Billo has a point then, doesn’t it? Not exactly.

Enter John Aravosis, the Scourge of Corporate America. I know I risk getting kicked out of the Feminists’ Division of the Kool Kidz Club (not that I was ever allowed admittance in the first place) for saying nice things about John, but when he gets wind of a corporate injustice, he squeezes corporate balls with a needlenose pliers until they scream for mercy — which usually doesn’t take all that long.

And sure enough, there, nestled over at Billo’s web site — a site where you have to PAY for the privilege of posting comments, so presumably there is a record somewhere of who posts (you know, a record like the one he says Fox keeps of all callers?). So it should be an easy matter to find out who posted these comments, in a thread entitled “If Hillary WIns, WIll (sic) you be respectful of her?”

Nice, huh?

So, Billo, are these people the equivalent of the Nazis and the Klan? Hmmmmmm???

Of course you can’t BUY publicity like this, so frankly, this little foofarah makes the idea of Being There even MORE appealing, because what ought to have been a little conclave of politics junkies, even one attended by all of the Democratic candidates for president, seen only on C-SPAN3 in the wee hours of the night, is now something that ought to be receiving some media coverage.

Gee, you’d almost think Kos and Billo have a kind of Osama bin Laden/George W. Bush mutual benefit kind of relationship going…..