Tony Tony Henry!!

by sawamix

This is the big weekend, folks — will Tony Soprano get whacked? Will Janice end up running the family? Will the sniveling little A.J. avenge his father’s whacking? Mr. Brilliant thinks he has it all figured out, and it makes sense: Paulie Walnuts has been secretly working for Phil Leotardo; hence Leotardo’s omission of Paulie from the hit list. Paulie agrees to sit watch in the “safe house”, lets Leotardo’s guys in, and Tony and his remaining men get whacked — except Paulie. Others weigh in at Salon. What’s YOUR prediction?

In other prognostications, the OTHER Tony — the Antoinette Perry Awards are on opposite the big galoot, in a truly atrocious feat of scheduling. ModFab predicts a big night for Duncan Sheik and Spring Awakening.

But let’s not forget that other megalomaniac on television this week, for the first season of The Tudors also ends Sunday night, and it’s going to be 2008 before we see young Henry again, what with the lips-o-licious Jonathan Rhys-Meyers suffering from Lindsey Lohan’s disease and all. Now it’s likely that Showtime had only in mind the intrigue of The Sopranos in giving the series its name, because it looks like this season is only going to take us to the point where Sir Thomas More, the hottest saint ever to appear in a miniseries as rendered by the fabulous Jeremy Northam, says goodbye to his own cranium. At this pace, it’s going to take them till 2020 to get to Lady Jane Grey, let alone yet another treatment of Elizabeth I. Will we get to see the gorgeous Henry Cavill as the randy Charles Brandon buck nekkid one more time before the season ends? Will Henry and Anne get it on? Or will she keep him waiting until she has the ring on her finger? Of course we already know this story, but since this series is playing so fast and loose with the history, who knows?