The Marc Maron Equation??

by sawamix

Uusally these days I leave the Marc Maron Watch to my good friend Melina, the highest ranking Priestess of the Maronites. But an odd confluence of events is brewing (ha ha) that makes me wonder if perhaps there just might be some hope and respite coming from our long journey in the lack-of-the-funny wilderness.

It all comes down to the Marc Maron Equation, as put together in the aftermath of Maron’s appearance on both Conan O’Brien and The Air Americans last night, combined with the revelation that Maron is on the Dunkin’ Donuts coffee again:

The appearance on The Air Americans is particularly intriguing, in view of Maron’s severing of his ties with Air America back in the waning days of the Sam Seder Show, and the fact that there seems to have been no love lost between he and Mark Riley of late, mostly on Riley’s part. Add to that the Coffee Connection, the resouncing thud with which the arrival of the odious “Lionel” at AAR has landed, and one does have to wonder…..